New cloud solution to cope with web commerce boom

The global pandemic produced a sea change in the way businesses and individuals conducted their affairs, as web-based commerce boomed. Anyone heard of Amazon?

The acceleration of e-Commerce throughout the globe over the course of 2020 and in to 2021 was hard to ignore, as consumers shopped online often out of necessity, and brands were forced to rapidly change their strategies as a result.

E-commerce sales in the UK and US comprised around 35 per cent of total retail sales in 2021, nearly doubling in the UK.

From consumer behaviour to demand prediction to retention, the events of the last year or so have altered or accelerated almost every facet of online retail.

As a result, accountancy software has had to keep pace with global change and now accounting software provider Dext has added a digital sales product to its growing platform, following the acquisition of Greenback, which rebrands to Dext Commerce.

Dext Commerce allows businesses to take on more digital sales clients by simplifying the collection and categorisation of sales data from e-Commerce, POS and payment platforms including Amazon, PayPal, Shopify and Stripe. It also integrates with Xero and QuickBooks Online, enabling businesses to accurately submit eCommerce revenue into the their accounting platform.

The solution solves the challenge of manually fetching and consolidating sales data from multiple commerce and payment platforms in different formats. Dext Commerce simplifies sales data and tax calculations across multiple countries, allowing for a more profitable service for digital sales clients.

Key Dext Commerce features include:

  • A digital record of sales transactions line by line, or as a summary
  • Making sure clients report and pay the right sales tax, wherever they sell
  • Itemise sales, fees, refunds and reimbursements data, line by line, with one subscription
  • Real time data integration

Dext CEO, Adrian Blair, commented: “Millions of businesses now sell via eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify.  Dext Commerce solves two key pain points: getting standardised data, line by line, from multiple sources; and ensuring digital sellers accurately calculate how much tax to pay in different markets.”

Dext Commerce is available to all businesses in the UK, US and Canada from 1 September. The rollout comes as Dext deepens its relationship with Amazon Business, offering users the ability to synchronise expense data from Amazon Business with the platform, from 1 September.

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