Accountancy start-up with a difference launches to help businesses grow through innovation

finzo has launched with a mission to help businesses unleash their potential by combining the latest tech insights with an unapologetically entrepreneurial approach to business advice.

While the explosion of cloud apps handling business processes from bookkeeping to staff rostering have slashed the time needed for vital but time-consuming tasks, business owners are increasingly finding it difficult to make everything work together.

An integral part of the service finzo offers is to advise businesses on putting the right tech and systems in place so these processes work seamlessly to give business owners the insights they need while freeing up time to focus on growth.

finzo’s business experts will be working in partnership with clients throughout the process to ensure the tech not only meets their current needs but is also scalable for the future.

In tandem with putting the right tech in place, finzo will be working with business owners to identify and exploit opportunities for growth so they can maximise their potential. The team at finzo will be on-hand to help business owners understand what the insights they get from their app stacks and tech infrastructure means for them.

At the same time, finzo will make sure that all the usual routine accountancy tasks are taken care of efficiently and compliantly.

Darren Buckley, Managing Director at finzo, said: “We are an ambitious start-up ourselves so we know what it means to put everything into growing a business and making it the best that it can be.

“Our team are experts in bringing together the latest tech with an entrepreneurial passion for business.

“Others sell apps and business advice as add-ons to standard accountancy services, but for us, bringing together tech and business insight is a passion and at the heart of what we offer.

“We are already working in partnership with clients to transform their businesses and put in play innovative strategies for growth.”

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