Doing business

in the UK

If your business is looking to establish a base in the UK, there are some real benefits to doing so.

The UK has a thriving financial centre, a home market of more than 66 million people and is equidistant between key markets in the USA and Asia.


It also has a favourable corporate tax regime and, depending on your location and business sector there are numerous funding incentives that your business may be eligible for.

Finzo’s experienced business advisors can help you take advantage of the many benefits which are available to overseas businesses and individuals coming to the UK.

From registration and employment to finance and tax, our expert team will help you rapidly lay the foundations required to thrive in the UK. We also work remotely with business owners to help them fully comply with EU and British corporate legislation.

Our team has the breadth of expertise to ensure that the administrative and back-office tasks are carried out in full compliance with UK laws, leaving you to concentrate on the day-to-day work of growing your business.

We strive to make the process as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Transatlantic trade support

Our specialist advisors are experts in helping UK and US businesses to improve their trade links.

From regulatory hurdles and trade issues across the Atlantic to setting up a business and moving your family to the UK, we support American businesses overcome challenges, reach European markets and expand international operations on British soil.

Our international services experts will help you with:


Applying and monitoring applications to ensure speedy entry into the UK

Business Structuring

Choosing a tax-efficient and pragmatic business entity to satisfy your business plan


Delivering employer-focused employment and payroll advice

Due Diligence

Our assurance team will scrutinise suppliers to ensure best business practice

Growth & Strategy

Setting up in the UK is only the first step. Utilise your new European presence as a springboard into other international jurisdictions

Tax Planning

Ensure compliance with HM Revenue & Customs and never pay more than what you owe.

Download our doing business in the UK guide