How can an app stack work for my business?

An app stack is a group of apps that work together to perform various tasks. It is a virtual toolbox for users to maximise their business opportunities.

There are hundreds of apps that will integrate with various software and allow businesses to perform a multitude of functions.

Managing information effectively is fundamental to the success of any business.

Credit control processes

App stacks could ensure that orders trigger the provision of the relevant goods or services. This then avoids the issue of an invoice and subsequent credit control processes.

At a more complex level, it could mean having granular data about the overall performance and efficiency of your business, coupled with highly automated administrative and financial processes.

They are linked to your cloud accounting software in such a way that data can be shared, exported or imported with minimum fuss, saving time and potentially making your business more profitable.

Reduce manual tasks

The result is having highly automated processes that streamline workflow and reduce manual tasks, which cuts the risk of human error and has potential to reduce costs.

These apps can include various databases, word-processing functions and spreadsheets to allow real-time access.

App stacks are practical, whether using in-house app stacks to help make your firm more efficient or external client-facing apps that link with professional partners and your accountant, there are many benefits.

Greater scope

Using apps can help you to cross-reference instantly how different elements of your business affect your profitability, giving you greater scope to optimise your operations.

They can cover areas such as HR, payroll, rostering, point of sale systems, inventory and customer relationship systems that can be integrated and built around the needs of your business.

As well as apps that can be used across a range of industries, there are also various industry-specific apps available.

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