WHO ARE finzo?

finzo is about working in complete unity to achieve success. With a team of highly dedicated and passionate individuals, allow us to be an integral part of your finance team in order to drive your business towards its goals, no matter how big or small.

Who are finzo?


We believe that through leveraging technology we are able to create success within all businesses that we work with. We have the skills and the experience to lead you through an ever evolving cloud world.


Working together in unison and striving for a better future. We will be integral to your business, as if we are in the office on the floor below, fully committed to helping you reach your business milestones.


Our passion for your business is no different than the passion we have for our own. We want to be a part of your success and continue to help you grow. We are driven to aid your success and make sure everything we do has a purpose.


We have the experience and expertise to provide both the financial know how and technology to scale your business. The finzo Focus is to be proud of everything that we do.